Inquiry question 1: Where is Tania Szabo now?

Tania Szabo, the only child of Violette and Etienne Szabo was born in June 1942. She lived with her grandparents, on her ninth birthday, Tania and her grandparents bought tickets for £10 and set sail for Australia. She attended college in Armidale in NSW and as psychiatric nurse in Sydney, she returned to England in 1963 (aged 21).

Tania worked as a secretary, croupier, office administrator in several companies, completing a course in computing in the late 60’s (cards with holes and no electronics). She spent a year at Beverly Hills studying Spanish whilst completing a humanities course. She returned to England and opened her Language Studio with the help of Paul Emile Francis Holley, Violette’s friend. Paul trained her in the recognition of German armaments and uniforms because he was a British Intelligence Officer during WW2.

Tania is an author, a professional multilingual translator and a private tutor. She has translated the work of Avv. Mario Zacchi author of The Neapolitan Mastiff.

On 29th April 2009, Intelligence Officer Paul Holley, Tania’s mentor and friend died a month into his 9th decade. Tania has retired and closed her Language Studio. She lives in Wales. She is currently completing her paperback version of Young Brave and Beautiful and soon to start writing Etienne’s life story.


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